Contact Lenses Assessment and Dispensing

This procedure of having an eye test followed by a contact lens fitting is known as a contact lens assessment. It may appear intimidating, but it is a simple procedure that ensures  that you are perfectly  fitted with lenses that are appropriate for you. Every person is unique when it comes to contact lenses because the type you are given is determined by your eye prescriber, personal preferences, and refractive error.

Contact Lens Insertion

The procedure is as follows:

The optician will also advise you on the different types of lenses available, how to insert (and remove) them, and how to care for them. This entails cleaning them and soaking them in a solution before reusing them. If you opt for daily disposable lenses, you can simply dispose them after each use.

Optical Dispensing

Optical dispensing is defined as interpreting but not changing a licenced optometrist’s prescription and designing, adapting, fitting, or replacing the prescribed optical aids for the intended wearer; duplicating the lenses, other than contact lenses, accurately as to power without a prescription; and duplicating non-prescription eyewear and parts of eyewear.

“Optical dispensing” does not include selecting frames, placing an order for an optical aid’s delivery, transacting a sale, transferring an optical aid to the wearer after an optician has finished fitting it, or providing instruction in the general care and use of an optical aid, including placement, removal, hygiene, or cleaning.

A Dispensing Optician’s job is extremely varied. It is similar to traditional Optometrists . It involves providing appropriate eye care to customers after considering a person’s lifestyle, current eye health, and vocational needs. Professionals in the Dispensing Optician role interpret optical data, advise patients on any spectacle adjustments or repairs, and manage various optical products.

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