Prostate Enlargement

Sometimes you get confused when you have two different tasks at work. The same happens with our kidneys, if there is a slight imbalance between the tasks assigned to them, ie. save water, but at the same time filter smaller substances. 

Kidney stones form when our kidneys start saving more water than they need. These stones are solid masses of crystals and can develop anywhere in your urinary tract. The main components of these stones are calcium salts, uric acid, cystine and struvite.

Causes Of Prostate Enlargement

You may have an enlarged prostate that is pressing on the bladder and urethra causing all the symptoms mentioned above. Most of you may experience some of these symptoms even without an enlarged prostate. So how do you know you really have a problem? If these symptoms are so frequent that they affect your quality of life and daily activities, or get worse over time, you know it’s time to see a doctor!

Prostate Enlargement Risk Factors

The main risk factors for the disease are obesity, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, a history of disease in your family and the natural aging process. Although benign prostatic hyperplasia is not life-threatening,  conditions that cause an enlarged prostate require immediate attention.

Dr. Pari, the best prostate specialist in Chennai can identify one of the following causes:
Prostate Enlargement (1)

Complications And Treatment Options

From drugs to surgery, the treatment options for enlarged prostate vary and are decided by the best urology doctor in Chennai at the best urology clinic in Chennai according to your age and the severity of the condition and the underlying conditions. 

Left untreated, complications can occur, including increased susceptibility to  urinary tract infections, as well as serious bladder damage  due to  prolonged distension due to incomplete emptying. The damage is not  limited to the bladder, but also extends to the kidneys! In addition, there are chances of  bladder and kidney stones. More importantly, most of these symptoms can also indicate the possibility of prostate cancer.

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