Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or commonly referred to as impotence is a temporary or in some cases permanent condition in which the male partner is unable to achieve or maintain a permanent erection  for sexual activity. This condition is more common in men with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and low HDL levels. In cases where the condition is temporary or occurs occasionally, it is not a cause for concern. But a visit to a urologist for advanced problems is mandatory, if not, preferably in a urology  clinic. It is imperative that you overcome the confusion and discomfort of erectile dysfunction by discussing your condition with a doctor and getting it treated as soon as possible.

Impotence Causes

Impotence Prevention

No problem is without a solution, but a wiser action would be to avoid the problem in the first place. To prevent the issue of Erectile dysfunction, adopt healthy lifestyle practices like:

Erectile Dysfunction (1)


During the treatment, the patient is first told about the erectile dysfunction test done in Chennai and then about the preventive measures recommended above. In addition, oral medications, self-injections and hormone replacement therapy are prescribed. Surgery is considered an option to remove the causes in extreme cases. In some cases, when drugs do not give favourable results, it is recommended to use vacuum compression devices, the operation of which is clearly explained by the doctor.

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