Triagehealthcare successfully performs ‘SWAP’ living donor kidney transplant

~ A Living Donor Kidney Swap Procedure has successfully been performed on two patients – 65 year and 30-year-old ~

Triagehealthcare performed living donor kidney “SWAP transplant,” a procedure in which donor organs are exchanged and transplanted to compatible patient from different family Triagehealthcare proud to have conducted this kind of a life enhancing case. 56-year-old mother wanted to donate a kidney to her 30-year-old son. 58-year-old wanted to give one kidney to her 65 yar old husband but both the donors were not blood compatible to their respective family members. However, the expert team from triage found very compatible to other family recipient and hence suggested the “swap transplant procedure”. Both families were willing to undergo this procedure and had agreed to make progress. Expert team from Dr. Kapali Neelamegam – Head of GI and organ transplant, Dr. Rajkumar – Urologist, Dr. Vidhya, Aneasthesist, and Vaseekaran surgery Associate successfully performed the swap transplant on these pair. Post the procedure, the condition of the patients is reported to be stable.

Commenting on the success of the swap transplant we regularly perform blood group mismatch transplants, which are as successful and safe as blood group matched transplants. But the added cost and time involved can be reduced significantly if there is a swap option. To ensure benefit to both the patients its mandatory to have age matched donors with similar kidney function and overall health.”

Dr. Kapali Neelamekam, Head of organ transplant and GI surgery added that “patients must wait for 3 to 5 years for a deceased donor organ if there is no compatible donor in the family. Swap transplant will be a boon to these patients if the transplant teams help them find a suitable pair.”

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