Stricture Urethra

Urinary tract problems have two types of effects on sufferers. One is physical discomfort and the other is psychological. Physical discomfort reduces a person’s productivity and psychological discomfort creates a discomfort that prevents a person from seeking urology consultation on time. 

One such ailment that stops urine from freely flowing down the urethra, where it normally leaves the bladder, is a urethral stricture. Repeated infections or wounds from catheter placement during any prior surgery may cause this disease. You might feel uncomfortable when urinating, for example, if you urinate more frequently or produce less urine. Female urethral stricture is less common than male urethral stricture.

Urethral Stricture Causes

You might now have the query that all urinary tract problems have the issue of discomfort while urinating. So, what exactly are the symptoms you would notice in case of a constriction or Stricture urethra?

Non-surgical urethral stricture treatment in Chennai involves the use of dilators to widen the stricture, which is an outpatient procedure. In some cases, a urinary catheter is also inserted. Surgical options include removing the stenosis with a laser or knife and reconstructing the incision with grafts.

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